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The Bluefoot Project

Mary Anne Hobbs, Radio One “Breezeblock Bomb” of the week “what an magnificent piece of work”

"Fans of Massive Attack and Grand Central your new favourite band is here...stunning" Muzik

* Rachel Modest - Lead Vocals
* Ilana - Vocals
* Oova - M.C. / Rapper
* Chris Stephenson - Drums
* Matt King - Guitars / Bass
* Ian Hawkins - Bass / Guitars
* James Reiss - D.J.

The Bluefoot Project were an amalgamation of urban heads. Formed in 1997 and sharing a variety of musical backgrounds they set about fusing many different styles into a vocal-led, beat-driven, 21st century soulful funk with nods in the right direction to reggae, hip hop, gospel and leftfield.

In 2000 they approached newly formed Northern independent Chocolate Fireguard and started gigging the club and festival circuit in the UK. Following an amazing set at Glastonbury Festival 2000 it was decided that the time was right to release their debut "Observations EP'.

Shortly afterwards (in fact while the tracks were being recorded) lead singer Rachel became pregnant and as the EP was doing its job establishing their name in the press, the band took some essential “time out” from the project.

In 2002 top tune “Soma” found its way onto the essential Chocolate Fireguard compilation “Taster ……. Sounds From The Funky Underground Volume 2” further establishing the band’s reputation, the band hit the road again and debut album “Brave” finally came out in 2003 to some serious critical acclaim.

Over the years, The Bluefoot Project grew musically together and became widely known for their unique sound which combines influences like Massive Attack, Squarepusher, Lamb, Goldie, Stevie Wonder and King Tubby.

Straight to the point and distinctly urban, they kicked out a cool live
soul with deep grooves over lush sample based technologies and produce clever, but airy song structures with enough space to let Rachel Modest’s nebulous vocal experience shine through. Debut album “Brave” was one of only four imports chosen for British Phonographic Industry’s “Best of British” Virgin Megastores USA and 5th most requested CD on LA radio station KCRW for September.

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Here are a few reviews:

Mary Anne Hobbs, Radio One chose track one “Concrete” as her “Breezeblock Bomb” of the week “what an magnificent piece of work”

"Fans of Massive Attack and Grand Central your new favourite band is here...stunning" Muzik

"This girl could sing the telephone directory and still break your
heart" DJ

"Hands down, the most powerful album I’ve had the pleasure of listening to this issue….anyone with a heart needs to hear these sounds. Soulful music with a breakbeat edge has never sounded so good. Buy this today." Knowledge

“…….all the hallmarks of a chilled classic” Record Collector

“something special to witness here…a voice that is made in heaven,
lyrical content that reflects a social conscience and an exploration
into arrangement that has you hooked before you could utter Burt
Bacherach is how to view Rachel Modest” Straight No Chaser


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