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Interesting Flavours CD £7.99 (click paypal)

An astonishingly fresh collection of funky flavas. This lush 80 minute flavours fest kicks of with aplomb and ultimate scratch n groove courtesy of Mr Freddy Fresh and his new track "The Real Pro". We land in Cape Town with gorgeous all girl South African Hip Hop crew Godessa's social commentaries and then up, up and away once more with an awayTEAM remix of The Bluefoot Project's "Little Miss Selfish" pushing Chocolate Fireguard's resident diva Rachel Modest up there where she deserves, with the likes of one time awayTEAM collaborator Shirley Bassey! Phew!

True to form Huddersfield's Kava Kava are keen to keep this celebration as diverse as possible, contributing the outrageously funky "Bank Job" (Boyz From The Hudd" remix) so full of energy as they tout their album "Maui". In fact it's Kava Kava member and Chocolate Fireguard honcho Pat Fulgoni who compiled this selection.

Things get serious with Jason Sparks' dramatic, cinematic breaks opus 'Left 2 Live 4' and the restless chill of Speedwell's "Red Light Go" (who's that singer?!) and then pretty downright sinister and psychedelic with Norway's Slowpho and Kava Kava's "Tic"!

Elsewhere The Bluefoot Project return to contribute distinctive urban flavas with "Try" from their wonderful and critically acclaimed Chocolate Fireguard debut album "Brave", we catch a glimpse from new signing French Hip Hop sensations La Cedille! (their debut album 'Vu Du Large' coming very soon) and Bentley Rhythm Ace kick out violins, xylophones, love and quirky grooves with their catchy number "Loop Of Love".

Anyone who missed the dreamy cosmic downtempo beauty of Freddy Fresh's "The Salesman" from his "Have Record Will Travel" album gets a second chance here and you also get the fluffy alien breaks of Aeriated, Skinny Sumo's groover "King Kong", more funked up South African Hip Hop from Moodphase5ive and Huddersfield's own young rap heroes Practical Headz make an appearance with "Smooth Vibe".

Bargain. Interesting Flavours for real music lovers! We'll leave it to DJ Magazine to do the talking: "This compilation flows so perfectly you'd be forgiven in thinking there was just one artist involved. But no, the names lined up to entertain are many; Freddy Fresh, The Bluefoot Project, Kava Kava, Jason Sparks, awayTeam, Slowpho, Skinny Sumo and Moodphase5ive to list a few. And the result? A sweet exploration into all things lushly leftfield. The beats are phat, the melody's enticing and be the groove scratched to hell, seductively saucy or diva enhanced you can't help but be impressed. This album is yet another must-pay-attention adventure from Yorkshire label Chocolate Fireguard. Yep this is as strong as the tea. And believe me you'll want a refill". (DJ Mag)

Sounds From The Funky Underground Vol 2 CDx2 £7.99

Sit back, listen and taste the truth. a funky chill all mashed up, and full of soul! F**K ALL CAUTION! here's over two and a quarter hours of tuff, unadulterated, underground sounds from the cream of the live club scene. if you want to know what's really going on, do yourself a favour and check these cosmic funky minds, regularly ripping it up live in sweaty clubs and festivals across europe, from full on sixties flavoured jazz funk to french speaking hip hop to experimental dance vibes from Norway. Building on the underground success and acclaim of the first, chocolate fireguard hits back with a bargain double selection featuring: markoni (the egg), jesus haystax, headbound, the bluefoot project, cienna, capri, cantaloop, kava kava, germander speedwell (zion train), diesel bug, acetate, xploding plastix, d'booga, shod, slowburn, quattro, ça (la cedille!), ism, chillinuts, yakboy, astrovibe, laserkid, bootis, carbon city, world gov't, neeb, ashfelt, suspect package. One of only 8 imports in the British Phonographic Industry's "Best Of British" campaign in Virgin Megastores USA.

"where Russ Meyer's Ultra Vixens come to dance" Flux

"a storming soundtrack to sweaty dance floor action or a pass the rizla chillout session, this is the perfect solution to superclub overkill" 7 magazine (compilation of the week)

"hand over the entire Ministry of Culture to the folks from Chocolate Fireguard" Big Issue

"the rawest, roughest, beat-filled, chilled, ripped, twisted, funky dance and experimental vibes around....Chocolate Fireguard prove that there is vibrant life in the music industry" 4.5/5 Express

"The second compilation from arguably Britains coolest record label is a deafening wake up call for anyone who thought that original British dance music was dead." Yorkshire Evening Post (album of the week)

"enjoyable quirky cuts 4/5 " Blues and Soul

"Quality....Yorkshire independent Chocolate Fireguard, seem to be carving a sweet little niche for themselves" Record Collector

"deep, funky and very essential album for those who like a cutting edge sound" Penthouse

"forget the Ibiza style compilations, this is the real deal" The Belfast Telegraph (ALBUM OF THE WEEK)

Sounds From The Funky Underground CD £6.99

80 minutes of top funky sounds from the cream of the u.k. underground live club scene c/o this beautifully eclectic compilation..... turn it up! at last an honest collection of deep, fresh, funky minds far away from the clutches of planet bland. sit back, listen and taste the truth, a funky chill all mashed up and full of soul. we're talking bands for the love of it dueling breaks, hip hop, drum'n'bass, trip hop, divas, drum'n'space, jazz funk, rap, space funk, instrumentals, gospel influences. diverse and leftfield, downtempo, uptempo and funky. pushing back the boundaries live in sweaty funk joints, ripping it up at festivals across europe, and then grafting hard in underground studios from cardiff right up to newcastle, unified with a nod and a wink to the mothership! if you wanna know what's going on in the funky underground then look no further....... contains some real trainspotting gems for the passionate music collector.....most of this selection have played at Glastonbury Festival, UK.

The Wire: "a manifesto for working dance units who've twigged the sarcastic "launch the rocket" melodrama required for on stage this zone the dance imperative feels liberating rather than restrictive...the spirit of 'top that' invention which convulsed bigband jazz in the late 1920s.....these groups have done their homework and now want to knock you sideways with their discoveries".

London Student: "fame being a dodgy barometer of quality this isn't necessarily a bad thing... discovering (this) funky bunch is fantastic..."
City Lights: "Pure Genius! 17 tracks of funk and attitude. I have fallen in love with this album already. Beautiful grooves to spend your winter nights with. Go out and buy".

Record Collector: "Quality....Yorkshire independent Chocolate Fireguard, seem to be carving a sweet little niche for themselves"
Cool and Strange Music: "downright amazing".


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